Agency Audit

Our organization audits many governmental agencies across the country to locate sums of money owed to private individuals and companies. You see, the government makes no attempt (nor are they under any obligation) to notify its citizens that they are owed money from any kind of abandonment, other than publishing the list in a newspaper or sending a letter to whatever old address the Agency has on file.

The types of funds that this falls under are NOT on government lists that they publish; these are hidden deep in the catacombs of government records and 99% of all citizens do not even know that these exist.



Once we’ve located the funds, great efforts are expended to then locate the rightful owner(s). Our team goes to work with our attorneys, researchers and notaries to work with the agency holding your unclaimed money.

Remember, if these funds go unclaimed for too long, they are usually lost to the government agency holding them.

Your Paperwork

& Payment

Once you have spoken to one of our Refund Specialists and verbally agreed to let us work your claim, we will set up a time for you to sign several pages of paperwork to allow us to get started.

Our firm works on a contingent basis – this means that there are no up-front or out-of-pocket expenses to you, EVER. We’re paid ONLY upon successful collection of your claim. We do ALL the work, pay ALL the expenses, and jump through ALL the administrative hoops to claim your money – and if the claim is unsuccessful you owe us nothing. We take all the risk in exchange for an agreed upon percentage of the collected funds –
a fair trade!

After receiving our paperwork package, we will send a local notary to collect it from you and overnight it back to our office. We start processing claims immediately and follow through until the end, making sure to keep you informed the whole way.


We keep your information 100% private and confidential.
We never ask for any personal financial information.
We do not sell or give your information to anyone outside of our organization.